Brussels Sprouts You’ll Actually Want to Eat


To anyone who tells me they hate brussels sprouts I usually reply with the same answer:  you’re not cooking them right.  Most of these people have had the great displeasure of eating grayish soggy lumps of previously frozen sprouts that have been boiled to death.  And I could not agree more with their whole-hearted YUCK!

I have two ways I generally cook brussels sprouts and both are absolutely delicious.  One is a light saute and steam.  The other, and by far my favorite, is to roast them just like french fries.  This is also the way that is easiest, and they can cook up while you make something wonderful to go with them.  The result?  Firm sprouts with crispy edges, lightly caramelized and flavorful.  If you ask my son Luke what vegetable he wants for dinner, this is usually what he will choose.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

1-2 pounds fresh brussels…

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