Day 49 – the many uses of quinoa!

365 Days To Unstuck

Quinoa-what can I say. It’s such a versatile grain and it’s gluten free. I made about a full pound of it last week and kept it in the fridge for meals. Here is a sampling of my last week’s menus.

Breakfast – Quinoa porridge (cooked quinoa, dried cranberries or other dried fruit and some slivered almonds covered with a quarter cup of organic heavy cream or milk)
* great for breakfast since it has protein and good carbs for energy and stamina throughout your morning.

Lunch – Quinoa salad (cooked quinoa, fresh greens mix with lettuces, spinach, some toasted nuts, crumbled feta cheese and chopped onion or carrots, whatever I had on hand, dressed with vinaigrette)
– Quinoa salad Take 2 (this time I put the quinoa under a bed of roasted veggies; cauliflower and potato and drizzled with vinaigrette)

Dinner – Quinoa with kale and chicken (sauteed garlic chicken…

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