Roasted Eggplant Chili Pepper Dip

Sounds amazing, always looking for new dips!

Challah Maidel


Eggplant is the quintessential Mediterranean vegetable. It is often used in most Southern European and Middle Eastern dishes. Truth be told, my taste buds have recently adjusted to the flavor of eggplant. Before then, it was never a particular favorite item of mine. I never cared for Eggplant Parmigiana and Moussaka. And I was really repulsed by Baba Ghanoush, especially the store-bought container kinds mainly because they were drowning in mayonnaise.  Only when I’ve learned the technique to get rid of the bitter aftertaste was when eggplant gradually grew into me.  My hubby once shared my taste aversions for eggplant until I converted him with this eggplant dip. This dip was practically gone in 2 days after I made it and it was only the 2 of us. The moral of this story is that any dip you replicate at home is not only healthier but the taste and flavors rival anything you buy at your supermarket…

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