The Weekend in Pictures

Sprinkles and Allergies

Qrunch Veggie Burgers

 – Qrunch Quinoa Veggie Burgers, free of the top 8 allergens, gluten, and corn. –

This weekend was a rare occurrence. We had a leisurely weekend without planning anything or working on projects and it really felt like a mini-vacation, even though we didn’t travel anywhere. Since I graduated from college with my undergrad degree two years ago, I felt like I’d been living on a scrambler carnival ride non-stop. I treasured having some time to recharge and definitely agree with the sentiment that the best ideas, creativity, and motivation comes from taking a time out from the bustling.

Southwest Chicken salad

– Homemade Southwest Chicken Salad with salsa and black beans. Wait…did I say Black Beans? Yes, I did. My legume allergy seems to be lessening, as I can now tolerate black beans with no adverse reactions. I’m ecstatic! –

Hearty chicken pasta

– Leftovers done right: Hearty Brown Rice Pasta with Turmeric Roasted…

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